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Professional Landscape Lighting

You have made a substantial investment in your home and landscaping, and you shouldn't let it all fade into the darkness once the sun sets. The Yards By Us Outdoor Lighting Professionals can help you elevate the value of this investment. Professional landscape lighting can dramatically extend the time spent outdoors by turning patios, pools, and children's play areas into after-dark entertainment venues, or just relaxing places to unwind.

In addition to enhancing the beautification and usability of your property, professional landscape lighting can provide safety from hazardous areas, and security by deterring potential intruders and illuminating dark shadows that would conceal movement around the property. Professionally installed landscape lighting will bring life to your property, and can provide an excellent return on your investment as it creates a fantastic first impression when viewed by family, friends, or prospective buyers.

Yards By Us - Landscape Lighting for walkways and uplighting on trees Yards By Us - landscape lighting enhances outdoor areas
Yards By Us landscape lighting illuminates landscaped areas Yards By Us landscape lighting adds dimension to homes and landscapes

We'll Put You in the Best Light

The Lighting Professionals with Yards By Us understand exactly what fixtures, lamps, and transformers to specify; from exclusively low-voltage to a combination with line voltage products. Our professional experience goes hand in hand with creating a breathtaking 'nightscape' for you to enjoy.

When it comes to designing your landscape lighting, the professionals at Yards By Us rely on Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting fixtures, transformers, and accessories. Vista products are of the highest quality, and Yards By Us confidently offers a two-year warranty to cover fixtures, transformers, timers, and wiring. Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting systems grace landscapes around the Triad, and these systems have become the professional standard for elegance, reliability, and lasting satisfaction.

Create Lasting Impressions

The experts at Yards By Us know the right questions to ask in order to accomplish your wants and desires for your professionally installed outdoor landscape lighting. There are many different types of lighting techniques that the specialist may factor into your design, such as:

bullet Up Lighting bullet Cross Lighting bullet Down Lighting
bullet Path Lighting bullet Back Lighting bullet Grazing
bullet Shadowing bullet Wall Washing bullet Silhouette Lighting
bullet Mirror Lighting bullet Underwater Lighting bullet Safety Lighting
bullet HIghlights bullet Focal Point Lighting    

Annual Service & Maintenance

Even if you did not purchase your system through Yards By Us, we can still repair and maintain your landscape lighting systems and provide you with exceptional service. To ensure trouble-free use of your lighting system, periodic maintenance is recommended. Over time, fixtures may need to be cleaned and adjusted because plant material surrounding your lighting may become overgrown, and bulbs may diminish and fail. Yards By Us Annual Service will ensure a year without interruptions, and make sure that your system operates at an optimum level through the next year.

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